Thursday, November 30, 2023
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The article highlights the health issues affecting female labourers in Kerala, shedding light on the factors contributing to the inadequate healthcare received by migrant workers. Link of the Article

The main suspect in this brutal murder is the neglect of the demand that the responsibilities of the migrant workers should be carefully taken up at the panchayat level. Link of the Article  

The article delves into the various welfare, health, and literacy initiatives for migrant workers in Kerala. These measures are commendable and serve as vital support systems for the state’s substantial migrant labour force. However, amidst these laudable efforts, a significant gap becomes apparent – the absence of a comprehensive policy addressing this marginalised community’s overarching […]

The International Labuor Conclave was held in Thiruvananthapuram in the backdrop of the death of a West Bengal worker who fell into a garbage pit at a plywood company premises in Perumbavoor and the death of Bihar worker Rajesh Manchi in Malappuram Kizhissery. At a time when Kerala was thinking about a comprehensive migration policy, […]

The article delves into the growing apprehension surrounding the prospects of migrant workers in the socio-cultural landscape of Kerala, a concern further exacerbated by the tragic lynching of Rajesh Manchi. Hailing from Bihar, Rajesh found himself accused of theft, an accusation that ultimately cost him his life and laid bare the challenges faced by migrants […]

The article critically examines the social security responsibility of migrant workers in Kerala. Recent migrant worker deaths highlight the need for better safety and support systems for this vulnerable group. The article critically assesses whose responsibility should be taken to ensure their welfare in Kerala. Link of the Article