Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Entangled Ecologies as Metaphors of State Design (2023, Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN: 978-3031465178) takes a unique approach to the ethnographic and analytical explorations of ecologies as entangled in their makings. It positions its arguments through emerging anthropocene contexts as entanglements across hybrid ecologies that unravel. The subsumed relationships between actors and the unprecedented interactions across the human and […]

Dr. Aparna Eswaran, Assistant Professor, SIRP has co-authored with Hameeda C.K, Assistant Professor, SGS, a chapter titled ‘Iron Ladies’ in the Indian Game of Thrones’ in the edited book titled ‘Inequality and Plurality: Contemporary Challenges to Democracy’. The book edited by Renoj NK & Aby T Suresh is the outcome of the national webinar entitled, […]

SIRP Assistant Professor, Dr. Jojin V John, Co-edited a book titled “70 YEARS of INDIA–JAPAN DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS” Published by Knowledge World.

Dr. Bijulal, Assistant Professor, SIRP and Research Scholar Navas M Khadar published a Oped Article in New Indian Express, titled “Visionary approach needed over quick fixes in new migrant law” on September 1, 2023.  The article is an intervention in the context of the upcoming state legislation on migrant workers social security, registration and rights […]

Dr. Jojin V. John, Assistant Professor, SIRP contributed two Chapters in a Book “China’s BRI in Different Regions of the World”, Published by Routledge London. Japan’s Approach to BRI: Between Cooperation and Competition Abstract  Japan’s response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has evolved from an initial balancing approach to complex engagement featuring conditional […]

The article delves into the various welfare, health, and literacy initiatives for migrant workers in Kerala. These measures are commendable and serve as vital support systems for the state’s substantial migrant labour force. However, amidst these laudable efforts, a significant gap becomes apparent – the absence of a comprehensive policy addressing this marginalised community’s overarching […]

Article written by  Dr. Jojin V. John, Assistant Professor, SIRP titled “South Korea’s New Southern Policy and the Middle Power Quest: Implications for India-Korea Relations”, has been published in Asian Affairs, a journal published by Taylor and Francis on behalf of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs. Abstract This article provides an Indian perspective on […]

The International Labuor Conclave was held in Thiruvananthapuram in the backdrop of the death of a West Bengal worker who fell into a garbage pit at a plywood company premises in Perumbavoor and the death of Bihar worker Rajesh Manchi in Malappuram Kizhissery. At a time when Kerala was thinking about a comprehensive migration policy, […]

The article delves into the growing apprehension surrounding the prospects of migrant workers in the socio-cultural landscape of Kerala, a concern further exacerbated by the tragic lynching of Rajesh Manchi. Hailing from Bihar, Rajesh found himself accused of theft, an accusation that ultimately cost him his life and laid bare the challenges faced by migrants […]

SIRP Professor C Vinodan’s Book “China and Emerging India” has been published by New Century Publications,  New Delhi in 2023.  

In the book “South Korea’s New Southern Policy: A Middle Power’s International Relations with Southeast Asia and India,” edited by Lam Peng Er and published by Routledge in 2023, Dr. Jojin V John, Assistant Professor SIRP, presents a comprehensive analysis of the evolving India-South Korean relations in the Indo-Pacific region. In his chapter, “India-South Korean […]

The article critically examines the social security responsibility of migrant workers in Kerala. Recent migrant worker deaths highlight the need for better safety and support systems for this vulnerable group. The article critically assesses whose responsibility should be taken to ensure their welfare in Kerala. Link of the Article https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kochi/ensuring-safety-of-our-guest-workers/articleshow/100540747.cms?from=mdr

Dr. Jojin V John, Assistant Professor, SIRP contributed a chapter titled “The Future of the World Order in 2050: An Indian Perspective” in a book , “The Future of the World Order in 2050” published by The National Assembly Futures Institute, Republic of Korea. Read the Chapter  

An article by SIRP faculty, Dr. Jojin V John, “China and the Indo-Pacific: Response and Strategy” published in Sungkyun China Insight, Sungkyun Institute of China Studies, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Republic of Korea.  The article explores the evolution of Chinese official position on the Indo-Pacific concept. Click here read the article. 

Article by Dr. Jojin V. John, Assistant Professor, SIRP titled  “Republic of Korea, Indo-Pacific and the Emerging Regional Order: Engaging without Endorsing” has been published in “Strategic Analysis”, a SCOPUS indexed journal published by Taylor and Francis. Read Article