Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Centre for Cross-National Communication in South Asia (CCCSA)


About the CCCSA

Centre for Cross-National Communication in South Asia (CCCSA) seeks to create a community built on critical conversations on South Asia, both within and outside the subcontinent, keeping in view the vast cross-cultural potential of South Asia. It seeks to develop specific linkages that will help generate values necessary for cross-national understanding, peace and cooperation in South Asia bringing together various stakeholders and actors in and among academia, media, human rights groups and citizen-led activism.

CCCSA endeavors to foster a broader and deeper understanding of South Asia and its interconnected histories, cultures, political memories and people. CCCSA encourages specific and comprehensive inter-disciplinary studies of socio-cultural and political nature pertaining to images, perception, belief systems about South Asia that act upon global interactions in diplomatic, economic and cultural contexts. CCCSA also works to provide policy inputs to governments, non-governmental organizations, human rights groups in South Asia that may help foster intraregional and inter-state cooperation and understanding. We also seek to develop academic/professional linkages in association with various centres in India and across nations in South Asia.

CCCSA plans to conduct annual workshops in South Asia and organize seminars/colloquiums on focal themes of contemporary relevance to people belonging to South Asia.  In future, the Centre seeks to promote and arrange for cultural exchange programmes for students, professionals and researchers in the region. We also focus on providing an academic space for publishing working papers and monographs on interdisciplinary studies on South Asia. Currently the researchers associated with the Centre are working on themes related to Memory and Politics in Sri Lanka, Protest and Digital Ethnography, Sports Diplomacy in South Asia and Gendered Homelessness.

The annual lecture of CCSA for the year 2022-23 was delivered by Dr Mallika Shakya, Senior Assistant Professor, South Asian University. Her lecture was titled “Poetic Imagining(s) of South Asia: Writing Nation through Sensibilities of Resistance- A Perspective from Nepal”.

Core Team

Chairperson – Dr. A. Aparna Eswaran

Founder-Chairperson – Prof. K. M. Seethi

Research and Program Coordinator – Athira K V, Assistant Professor, SIRP

Co-researcher – Hameeda C. K, Assistant Professor, SGS

Research Associates

 – Sreelakshmi V, Research Scholar, SIRP

 – Arjun S. Mohan, Research Scholar, SIRP

 – Abdul Sami Haidari, Research Scholar, SIRP

Research Interns

 – Abhinav

 – Sreelekshmi Pradeepan

 – Krishna M.S

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