Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Centre for Migration Policy and Inclusive Governance

About the CMPIG

The Centre for Migration and Policy Inclusive Governance (CMPIG) is a centre for academic research devoted to all international national and local migration aspects. The centre advances new thinking of migration is one of the significant hubs of interdisciplinary research networks and promote a new nexus of international migration experts. The centre creates a platform for debate, research, policy analysis, and community engagement on global, national, and local scales. The CMPIG will collaborate with government and non-government organisations that deal with refugees, international migrants, and migrant workers in the region. The CMPIG, with its distinguished scholar network, will work to develop a new thematic pathway and facilitate future scholars to disseminate knowledge through academic publications, create thematic data banks, training programs on field activities, and conferences.

Research Personnel
Dr: Bijulal MV: Chairperson

Dr. Bijulal M.V: He is Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Centre for West Asian Studies at the School of International Relations and Politics, Mahatma Gandhi University. Actively involved in civil initiatives for constitutional rights of Dalits and indigenous peoples of India and among other marginalized groups in India and abroad. Academic engagement in international migration, gender studies, identity studies and west Asian studies. Currently doing research as principal investigator of Indian Social Science Research’s Project on Women Fishermen’s Issues and Science and Engineering Research Board’s Project on Access to Health Care of Migrant Workers. 


Mr. Navas M. Khadar: Coordinator Research and Programme

Navas M.Khadar Working as Project Associate in Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) Project at Mahatma Gandhi University. He holds MA and M.Phil in Politics and International Relations from Mahatma Gandhi University. A researcher and human rights activist on the human rights and identity crisis of migrant workers in the plywood sector of Kerala, he has been actively involved in the issues of interstate migrant workers in Kerala and has spoken at several national and international forums. Conducting academic work in areas of study such as migration, human rights and marginalization.