Sunday, February 25, 2024
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KPS Menon Chair for Diplomatic Studies

K.P.S. Menon Chair for Diplomatic Studies was instituted under the School of International Relations and Politics (SIRP) in 2009. The Chair is to perpetuate the memory of a highly esteemed diplomat-extraordinary of this country whose contributions to the making of India’s foreign policy are profound and enduring. The Chair has been established with a set of objectives and a variety of programs. It is envisaged to place the contributions of the late K.P.S. Menon in their right perspective and invite a person of high eminence and stature to hold the office of Chair, provided that the person to be appointed shall be a senior scholar/diplomat of a high stature who has made a significant contribution to diplomacy/foreign policy/international relations. The Chair seeks to initiate studies and research projects pertaining to India’s foreign policy and relations, the role of civil society in the making of foreign policy, cross- national communication and conflict resolution in South Asia, Overseas Indian diplomacy, problems of Indian expatriates, international migration, regional economic integration, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, comprehensive security, challenges to India’s maritime policy, etc. either independently or in association with governmental and non-governmental agencies.

The visiting professor of the Chair shall deliver special lectures on diplomacy and other themes in IR; organise annual seminar/workshop/colloquium on a theme relevant to IR/ Diplomatic studies/foreign policy; conduct the K.P.S. Menon Memorial Annual Lecture every year on a topic relevant to contemporary India and its external policy; bring out a comprehensive volume in memory of the late K.P.S. Menon on a specific theme of Indian foreign policy; institute K.P.S. Menon Fellowships; institute an endowment in memory of K.P.S. Menon; create a website for the Chair and; start a journal for Diplomatic Studies under the auspices of the Chair, providing a forum for open debates and interfaces between academics and policy-makers. 

Coordinator: Dr. Lirar Pulikkalakath


Journal Published under the KPS Menon Chair

South Asian Journal of Diplomacy (SAJD) is a refereed journal published by the K.P.S. Menon Chair for Diplomatic Studies, School of International Relations and Politics (SIRP), Mahatma Gandhi University, SAJD is committed to publishing the best of studies in Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Politics and International Relations (IR). It seeks to bring out topical, scholarly work on significant debates in Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Politics and IR and on all major issues affecting South Asia and other countries.